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Grouplove - Ways To Go (Xaphoon Jones Finale Remix)

Hey Y’all. Here’s the last Xaphoon Jones remix

See you guys on New Years Eve, at the TLA (in Philly) with @Baauer and @DJSwizzyMack

I’ll be producing other people’s music from now on, so check your liner notes. Or digital liner notes. Or ask yer friend.


Proud of my young bul swizzymack

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No Lie

EP comes out October 15th on Neon Gold Records. This song is one of 3 produced by yer boy.

Check it here: http://neon-gold-shop.myshopify.com/products/wet-ep

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Constant Conversations (Noah Breakfast Remix ft. Juicy J)

I made the original version of this remix in July of 2012 and have been messing with it since. I played it for the passion pit dudes when we were in Australia and they were like “whoah this is groovy”.

When Juicy J did his remix, they sent me the verse thinking we could combine our remixes somehow. So I made a completely new version.

This remix has been a long time coming and I’m very happy to bring it to you now. There’s been a couple versions floating around in people’s mixes, but this is the latest, final version, and I hope you dig it.

Fresh for 2014

N B / X J

P.S. Shout to Ariel Borujow & Ricardo Gutierrez, who mixed and mastered the first version, which in turn inspired this version.

mastered by Ryan Schwabe for RARE MP3S 2013

60 Min. Mix for Triple J

Saturday, June 29th, 2013

HEY everybody

Australia’s finest radio program, Triple J, is hosting my first 60 min mix, Saturday night at 11pm (AEST)

You can listen / stream over here: 

For USA peeps, thats 9 AM Saturday morning (EST)

hope you enjoy

n b x jimage

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Tessellate (Alt-J Cover)